KBA Studio

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The Level Velo Café

admin Awards, Cultural & Public, Education & Workplace

Projects The Level Velo CaféThis new building forms part of the HLF restoration of The Level in Brighton. It is located at the heart of the overall landscape scheme for the park by LUC, and comprises a café, public toilets and gardeners’ mess room. The building is fully glazed on three sides and in good weather all the doors can ...

Mulberry Centre

admin Awards, Cultural & Public, Education & Workplace, Heritage

Projects Mulberry CentreThis is a new One O'Clock Club building in the grade II listed Myatt's Fields Park. The design and palate of materials have been carefully chosen to be sympathetic to the Victorian park buildings, whilst also being bold and contemporary. The building contains spaces for children’s play, a training room, a kitchen and an office. The indoor play ...

Tudor House

admin Awards, Residential, Education & Workplace

Projects Tudor HouseThis is a mixed-use development providing 1200sqm of office space, 18 apartments, retail space and underground parking. There are two very different faces to the building, a grand elevation onto Le Bordage with four floors of commercial office space, and a more domestic scale elevation onto Mill Street with small scale shops with flats above. Crowning this are ...

Villa Nursery

admin Education & Workplace

Projects Villa NurseryThis is an addition to the existing Victorian building, providing a hall space for assemblies, PE, plays, lunchtime dining, wet playtimes, and out of hours activities. The project also included creating a new school entrance and landscaping of the playground to create areas for both active and quiet play. The hall roof is mono-pitched creating a low intimate ...

KBA Studio (2000 – 2016)

admin Education & Workplace

Projects KBA Studio (2000 - 2016)Our first studio was designed, procured and built in-house with specialist joinery fabricated off site. Entry to the studio was by crossing a moat filled with Koi carp. The main studio space was on the ground floor with fully glazed sliding doors at either end looking out west onto the moat or east into the main garden. ...

Sculpture Factory

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Projects Sculpture FactoryThe Sculpture Factory provides new artists’ facilities in Burgess Park, South London. The building will be shared by Art in the Park and the Sculpture Factory, for use by artists and children. A large barrel vaulted roof, covered with a multi layered clear texlon ‘cushion’ roof covering lets natural light into the studios below. A stone workshop, administration, ...

Brockwell Park

admin Cultural & Public, Education & Workplace

Projects Brockwell ParkThis remodelled changing block will provide two new community rooms, completely modernised changing rooms, and storage space for community groups. Large new areas of vandal resistant translucent walling bring light into the interior, whilst the addition of insulated render covered with climbing plants improves the thermal performance of existing walls. There are two access points to the building ...

Thames Tour

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Projects Thames TourThese are a series of architecture worksheets for use by children on school trips to the Thames and London South Bank. They were produced in collaboration with the Greenwich Education Business Partnership.Quotes“The materials have been given to a number of schools to trial and have proved to be immensely successful” - Sue Hunter, Greenwich Council EBPShare /****************************************** - ...