The RIBA Journal, January 2017 – Knox Bhavan Office

“You can’t clearly separate making from design here, nor beauty from the everyday. It is the sort of place you’d want on your street, to peer into and wonder about.”

Architecture Today

Architecture Today, March 2017 – Article by Sasha Bhavan

Sasha Bhavan writes on her experience of working with Ted Cullinan.

“So much of what I learnt in his office stays with me … I learnt that to build cannot be bettered as a way to learn. I learnt that your workplace and collaborators are as important as you, and that real success is making good buildings for real people while enjoying and sharing the experience.”


Blueprint #345, March 2016 – The Level

‘Knox Bhavan’s characteristic attention to detail with materials, light, finishes […] scores points every time.’

‘The sharing of sensibilities and objectives between the two practices has undoubtedly contributed to the quality of the resulting schemes.’

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Blueprint #344, February 2016 – London Brownstones

‘Brownstones is something of a minor mircale – a haven of space and light, despite its long, awkward and narrow footprint – and possibly one of the practice’s most challenging projects to date.’

‘There’s something about the work of Knox Bhavan that stands out from the hard geometries and stripped-back industrial palette of the usual 21st-century aspirational domestic aesthetic. It embraces curves and strange angles, natural materials and, above all, craftsmanship. Yet the team, led by founding directors Sasha Bhavan and Simon Knox, combines this sensibility with a true modernist’s understanding of ergonomics and light, flexibility and functionality. Which is probably why it is one of the most award-festooned small practices in the UK.’

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RIBA Journal, 2015 – London Brownstones

‘Knox Bhavan has made an Edwardian terrace whole again, adding a contemporary New York twist’

‘Modernism and systems building seem to have excluded curves in many buildings today (bar, of course, the planner-designed corner rotunda). Here, as with Knox Bhavan’s more organic projects, those curves mark out the London Brownstones as product of a different sort of thinking in British architecture and a practice that is dedicated to make its details work in special, unshowy ways.’

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Inhabit - Architecture Today

Inhabit – Architecture Today, 2015 – London Brownstones

‘The townhouse and terraced house are among London’s most enduring and ubiquitous dwelling types […] Knox Bhavan’s London Brownstones draw inspiration from the latter, ‘fitting in’ with their context, while remaining unashamedly contemporary both inside and out.’

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Architects’ Journal, 2015 – Knox Bhavan

Knox Bhavan feature as one of the top RIBA National Award winning practices of the past 10 years in the list of 64 practices featured in the Architects’ Journal.

RIBA Housing 2014 – Crowbrook

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Architects’ Journal June 2013 – Crowbrook

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Architect’s Journal September 2013 – Crowbrook

‘a design that considers the house and garden as a world of its own: a place in which it is easy to spend time without feeling the need to escape.’

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Inhabit; Architecture Today Spring 2013- Rigg Beck

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In Touch With Timber Spring 2011 – College Road

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Detail in Contemporary Architecture March 2010 – Holly Barn

‘Featuring the work of internationally renowned architects, this book presents 50 of the most recent and influential designs for residential and commercial timber architecture.’

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Architecture Today (AT208) 2010 – College Road

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Building Design October 2009 – Carson Road

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The Wood Awards 2009 – Carson Road

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100 Houses April 2009 – Hodges Place

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100 Houses April 2009 – Holly Barn

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100 Houses April 2009 – New Maltings

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Architecture Today June 2006 – Holly Barn

‘This architecture comes not from abstract theory but out of visceral experience; from the scale of the landscape, through the minutiae of everyday life, to the scale of the detail, carried through with great intensity and assurance.’

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The Wood Awards 2006 – Holly Barn

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Grand Designs August 2004 – Holly Barn

‘Holly Barn is the kind of stylish and effective architecture that co-exists with its rural surrounds but is firmly of its time; there’s not a mock barn door or rustic element in sight.’

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Architects Datafile Febuary 2004 – New Maltings

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Plan A Home 2003 – New Maltings

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The Wood Awards 2003 – New Maltings

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Elle Decoration March 2001 – Hodges Place

‘Knox Bhavan Architects’ slim extension blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.’

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Country Life October 2000- Hodges Place

‘There is no doubt that their brave addition to this much loved home has had dramatic effect on Hodges Place, without detracting from its idiosyncratic, historic charm.’

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